RoC Skincare Package (Valued at $143) Giveaway #EyeHeartNY

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Anti-aging eye care. It's one of those things I need to start taking more seriously. I take good care of my skin, but I'm pretty sure I'm neglecting these tired eyes. If I'm not up late staring at this screen, meeting deadlines, then I'm up with a teething or tired two-year old. RoC brand, already a favorite of mine, has made it easy for a busy mom, like me, to ensure I'm doing all I can for my eyes. With their line of eye creams and correctives, I can start to ease the effects of life and aging on these eyes!  But better than telling you about them, I get to offer you a chance to try them all out.   Thanks to #CollectiveBias, and Duane Reade,  I was able to participate in a shop to try out RoC Brand Skincare products for the eyes (look for it next week!) and hold a giveaway for my readers. Giveaway One winner will win an amazing prize package worth an estimated retail value of $143.94. Prize Package Details: The prize will consist of: RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® ... [read more]

Maggie Whitley Designs : Caroline-Made Basic Pouch & Starbucks GC Giveaway


Caroline-Made is the latest in handmade beauties from designer, Maggie Whitley of Maggie Whitley Designs. If it sounds familiar, Maggie formerly blogged and sewed under 'Gussy Sews.' Her signature ruffles won me over long ago and she's had quite the inspiring story of a woman in business and handmade seller. Maggie Whitley Designs is now the home to The Gussy Club and Caroline-Made.  Caroline-Made This amazing handmade accessory collection features the Everyday Bag, the Pencil Pouch and the Basic Pouch. All are made with the most gorgeous fabrics - and sewn with the best quality and attention to detail. I love everything from the Caroline Made suede tag on the front of the pouch to the fabric lining. When I saw the collection, I had my eye on the Pencil Pouch 201 (floral) but had to order an extra Basic Pouch (in blue) for my Spring giveaway. See, I thought of you all! I'll be using my Pencil Pouch as a clutch to throw in the diaper bag or my larger bag this spring ... [read more]

Word Construction Set from Learning Resources & Giveaway

word construction 2

Learning Resources never stops creating the best educational toys. As a teacher, I was always itching get my hands on their latest toys for the classrooms. And now, as a mom, I love that I can share these fun, learning toys with my kids. Word Construction Set The Word Construction Set is made up of 6 bolts & 30 printed "nuts." My son loved the theme of this toy! And that's something I have grown to love about the Learning Resources toys for toddlers and preschoolers. The toy has educational benefits that actually grow with the child. On top of that, the clever, fun designs lend these toys to imaginative play, as well. For example, my 4.5 year old loved playing with these as nuts and bolts - but then we enjoyed switching over to building words. He has a lot of fun sounding the words out and I, as the former reading teacher, loved that I could create word families and teach him to sound out these words. Eventually, I know he'll be building and reading his own words!  You can ... [read more]

Chicken, Spinach and Bean Quesadillas

Chicken, Spinach and Bean Quesadillas

I love this quesadilla recipe for an easy family meal. It's so delicious and one of the few meals everyone in this house agrees upon. My daughters love to eat the filling for these quesadillas, which is made up of spinach, chicken, beans, peppers and onions. Alone or in the quesadillas, this is just one of those meals that everyone will love. If you want to change it up and try a different, healthier version of your favorite restaurant quesadilla, look no further. This recipe is out of this world - OMG good. 5.0 from 1 reviews Print Chicken, Spinach and Bean Quesadilla Author: Stephanie C. - Adapted from The Other Side of 50 Recipe type: Appetizer or Meal Prep time:  20 mins Cook time:  45 mins Total time:  1 hour 5 mins Serves: 3-4   This quesadilla recipe has the right balance of healthy veggies, beans and cheese. You'll love these for an appetizer, meal or entertaining. Ingredients 2 cups cooked, diced chicken ... [read more]

LED Power: 5 Reasons to Convert Your Home’s Lighting

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There's no doubt that over the last few years our home energy costs have gone up. With the birth of our son and twin girls, we went from two people to five in three years. With kids and a bigger home comes added expenses  - and increased energy bills. Kids leaving on lights, camera monitors, television, charging technology, night lights and much more is contributing to our increased energy usage. After learning about GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs and about LED power, we've decided to make this worthwhile investment to replace our home's lighting and reduce our energy costs.   5 Reasons Why We're Converting Our Home's Lighting to GE Energy Smart Light Bulbs:   1. Energy Efficient and Long Lasting GE Energy Smart light bulbs use 80% less energy and 1 LED Bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs. This makes it a great investment for your home. This lamp in our hallway gets left on all night as per my son's request. While not ideal, if he wakes up ... [read more]

Managing Spring Allergies with Duane Reade & Poncho

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Being prepared for springtime allergy season means having the right info and products. My husband, son and I all have seasonal allergies. To manage allergies effectively, we start taking my medications before symptoms get out of control.  That means stocking up on allergy essentials from Duane Reade  and knowing when the pollen counts will be high. I can find everything I need to get me through allergy season at Duane Reade. But this season, I've got a new tool helping me out - Poncho.  Poncho is a weather service application that delivers a daily personalized updates right to my email.  You can also choose to receive text or email notifications - and tailor the information you receive. Currently, Poncho is only available in New York City. What's great is that Poncho and Duane Reade have teamed up together this allergy season. On high pollen count days, Poncho sends a digital coupon for allergy medication at Duane Reade. So, Poncho tells me 'the when' and Duane Reade has ... [read more]