Priceless Opportunity from MasterCard: The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour #Beyoncé #MC

I’ve long been a fan of Beyoncé, so I cannot think of anything better than attending her latest world tour, The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour when it comes to the NYC area. If it’s anything like the last show I attended as part of her last world tour back in 2009, prepare to be amazed. Beyoncé is an incredible performer and singer. I’m in awe of how she balances it all – especially as a mother! So, I was thrilled to be asked to work with MasterCard to help them spread the word about this priceless opportunity to see Beyoncé perform in her current world tour. 

Being in Mrs. Carter’s Court: Priceless

MasterCard is giving cardholders the chance at tickets to see 
Beyoncé in The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour!

How? If you’re a cardholder, like I am, you can sign up for a chance at tickets to see the show from Queen B’s outer court! The sign-up gives MasterCard holder the chance at tickets or to purchase the MasterCard Priceless VIP Package or Run the World MasterCard Priceless package. The deadline to enter via the link is 7/8 at 5pm ET – so make sure you hurry!

The sign-up process itself is really easy and quick. You can see my sign-up process by visiting my Google + Album (to be linked). While you are signing up, you also have the fun opportunity to create a personalized crest to share with friends via social media. Here is the one I created:

Don’t miss this chance to have your a priceless experience seeing Beyoncé perform! Sign up! 

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  1. Whoever has a mastercard and wins will really have fun!
    Enjoy Beyonce!

  2. LOVE Beyonce! How cool!

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