Meet Ubooly – My Son’s Favorite New Toy #Sponsored

What (or who) is Ubooly? Quite simply, it is a stuffed animal gone digital. This orange, plushy toy turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an interactive, educational talking friend for your child. It is sure to be a hot toy this season and into the holiday season.

When you slip your iOS devide, iPhone or iPod Touch into the plush doll, it comes alive (Android is coming soon!) Your iPod or iPhone acts as the face of the animal when running the app. You download the free app from iTunes and registration is also free. Through the Ubooly Lab, you can customize your child’s educational experience. As kids interact with Ubooly, they earn coins that you can use to unlock other modules or they can buy accessories for Ubooly and Ubooly’s room. You can also purchase credits directly through the website.

Bottom line, you can be in control of your child’s learning experience with Ubooly. On the website, you can purchase:

  • Educational Packs: These lesson packs are created on a 5-day schedule that allow parents to be  updated on the progress your child has made.
  • Interest Packs: These are full of fun trivia and facts.
  • Fitness & Helper Packs: These help with personal growth & create healthy habits.  We recently used the teeth brushing helper – a great one for my 4 year old.
  • Content packs are all designed to be age appropriate for different age ranges (3-9) and  are written by a large team of elementary teachers & comedians.

    Using Ubooly:

    Once you slip your phone into the plush doll, with the app running, you just hold a finger on his face and he will awake. Ubooly comes to life and interacts with you or your child via voice commands. Ubooly has many stories, jokes, games and other activities. You simply give Ubooly the command, such as “tell me a joke.” or “tell me a story.” If you are not using Ubooly, he will fall asleep!


    I was really impressed with how well Ubooly understood my four year old son. He was able to interact with Ubooly pretty well. Some of the content was a bit above his head at four, but it wasn’t too much of a gap where he ever felt bored. Actually, we had a very hard time getting my iPhone back from him.

    My son thought this little plush was truly magical. It knew his name, his interests and really ‘listened’ to him.  He absolutely loved the ‘pretend’ activities and we were really fascinated how engaged he became when Ubooly suggested imaginative activities, such as a fishing trip in a boat. My son followed every direction of the pretend play scenario and had such a fun time!  As you can see, below, he loves Ubooly:

    Check out Ubooly and Ubooly Lab!
    Download the Ubooly app.
    Follow Ubooly on Twitter and Facebook.
     Since Ubooly is new, there is limited content right now, but I really look forward to seeing new stuff for Ubooly!

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