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My twin girls just turned one and as I look back at the last year, I’ve realized how much my life has changed. While we’ve grown quite used to the work that comes with twins and a three year old boy, there is no doubt that we just do things so much differently. When it was just my husband, son and I, we could head out for a weekend day to accomplish all the errands. Now, with three kids, we have to break up the errands and weekend tasks – working around the needs of three children. Often, I find myself trying to beat the baby clock. The errands are over when the babies grow tired or uncooperative and so I must always make the most of the time I have

I need my internet to be fast and be smart. I’ve been excited to learn about and try out the new, faster MSN.  While running my errands, I often have to look up something, find a store or restaurant, get information or even do a little research on purchases.  

The new MSN experience offers me the speed and coverage I need. It is available on Windows 8 devices and on iOS and Android mobile devices. The new MSN delivers unparalleled speed and coverage in an easy-to-use, touch-enabled format. 

I really like using the new MSN. It’s fast, easy and works great with my phone and tablet. The format makes it easy to find exactly what I’m looking for…and fast. This fits in with my lifestyle – find out how MSN can help you stay in the know!


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