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Before the holidays, I posted about Unilever, their brands and their Cross Off Hunger initiative, which includes a promise to donate two million meals to families in need! Working with Feeeding America, Unilever has a sustainable living goal to help one billion people improve their health and well being.  
Feeding America is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to fighting domestic hunger through a network of food banks.  $1=8meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local food banks.  Unilever will donate $250,000.  The monetary equivalent of a minimum of 2 million meals will be donated.

Sustainable Living Plan has 3 major goals:

  • Improve Health and Well-Being
  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Enhance Livelihoods

They will improve health and well being by helping more than than1 billion people to improve their hygiene habits. It is also their goal to bring safe drinking water to 500 million people, reducing life-threatening illnesses from contaminated water.  They will reduce their environmental impact to half through the greenhouse gas impact of products and the water associated with the consumer use of products. They will enhance livelihoods by sourcing 100% of the agricultural raw materials in a sustainable way. This will involve 500,000 small farms and small-scale distributors in their supply chain.

Our pantry, cabinets, refrigerator and bathroom closet is filled with Unilever products. In a given day, we’re using many of the products that make up this family of brands! They are high-quality and trusted! Some of the brands that are almost always in this house include Dove, Vaseline, Tres Semme, Popsicles, Q-Tips, Skippy, Bertolli and more!

While my impact will be smaller, I can show my family the importance of living in a sustainable way. It is so important to teach our children this. One of the things that we do in our home is make sure our son understands about recycling. He knows why we recycle certain items and we teach him to reuse things – such plastic containers to store small toys or crayons. We also teach him about helping others. My husband works in a school as an administrator. The school is very involved with a food bank and soup kitchen. They regularly donate as a school and I wanted my son to have his first experience in collecting items to donate to this particular food bank – just like the ‘big kids’ at his dad’s school!

I made sure my son understood why we were shopping for some extra products so that we could make a donation. You can see more about my shop over on my Google + album. My son’s favorite part was checking for the Unilever logo to verify that the product was indeed part of the family of products!

You can help too! 

When you purchase your favorite Unilever products, you are helping to support Unilever’s commitment! Visit Making Life to learn about hunger in America and how you can help. There is a lot I did not know about hunger and about food banks, their needs and where they are located in my area. 

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