Transitioning from the Swaddle: The Zipadee-Zip Works {Product Pick}

Im been embarassed to say how long I kept my twins swaddled. They’re almost 7 months now and we just transitioned them from their wonderful muslin swaddles. 

Swaddling has given them such peaceful and long lasting sleep – I would be crazy to give that up. I would probably swaddle them into toddlerhood if I could, but once they started getting strong enough to roll over while swaddled, I knew it was over. 

We started with what many parents do – cold turkey. Epic fail. They went into a regular sleepsack and I was up all night.  So, we moved on to one arm in, one arm out swaddling. Another fail. Desperate to get my sleep (and theirs!) back, I starting googling swaddle transition ideas. 

That’s when I came upon the Zipadee-zip. I wasn’t sure if this sleeping sack would be helpful to me or not, but I was willing to try! And I’m glad I did. My twin girls LOVE their ‘Zippies’!

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The Zipadee-Zip was designed by a mom, Stephanie, who was having trouble transitioning her daughter from the swaddle. She realized that so many were struggling with this transition, yet, there was nothing on the market to really help the problem. The Zipadee-Zip was born as a way to give her daughter that enclosed feeling but keeping the arms and legs free. The Zipadee-Zip is a zippered sleeper, or wearable blanket, with enclosed, shorter sleeves. It takes on a ‘starfish-like’ appearance, but this genius idea keeps the baby feeling snug. They are still completely free to move around. It’s the best of both worlds!

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My Thoughts

I honestly would recommend this to any parent struggling to get their child to transition from the swaddle. When my Zipadee-zip’s arrived, I wasted no time trying them. My goal was to start with naps and then see about nighttime. I thought it might take me a few days to switch over. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. After trying with the girls’ AM nap, I noticed it took them a little longer to fall asleep. But that was to be expected; they weren’t used to their arms or legs being free. All I cared about was that they fell asleep and were staying asleep! For the PM nap, they fell asleep a lot faster. Again, they stayed asleep. By this point, I felt brave enough to try night time. Again, success! Within one day, my girls were transitioned to the Zipadee-Zip and sleeping successfully!

Features of the Zipadee-Zip that I love:

  • Star – Shaped design keeps baby feeling snug!
  •  The enclosed sleeves keep baby’s hands warm and keeps them from touching their face, taking their pacifier out, etc. 
  • Great stretchy fabric is lightweight, breathable and helps baby maintain the right sleeping temp.
  • Super easy and fast to put on; diaper changes are simple!

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    Disclosure: I received complimentary samples for the purposes of this review. I was not required to post a positive review and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 





  1. What great timing! Hubby and I just said this morning we want to try transitioning out of the swaddler tonight since a certain someone hulked-out of it yet again last night. We’ll see how tonight goes but I anticipate a disaster so it looks like I’ll be ordering one of these soon!

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