Surviving the Holidays: Nutrisystem Week 13 #NSNation

Despite looking forward to the day with family, I was dreading the food that would be at Thanksgiving dinner. I knew that one long afternoon surrounded by all that food could really derail all of my hard work on Nutrisystem. Added to that, once I find myself off-track, I struggle to get back on. 

After reading over some of the diet-friendly strategies for surviving the holidays on the Nutrisystem blog, one really stuck out to me. It gave me a different game plan than I had adopted in the past – and that was to choose quality over quantity. What that means is that it could be acceptable to enjoy my favorite parts of the meal but with portion control. Creating a ‘sampler plate’ of all your favorites, is a great way to experience the entire meal, without the guilt.

For me, this meant prioritizing what foods were the most important. I passed over the things I could really do without and let myself have the things that were favorites.  The breakdown of my plate ended up being a serving size of turkey (white meat), no gravy (save calories here so I could have the stuffing!), very small portion of stuffing, small portion of mashed potatoes and then I loaded up on the green salad (balsamic vinegar dressing).  I got to sample my must-haves and my plate was full due to the salad. Added to that, I felt satisfied and didn’t have everyone asking, “Why aren’t you eating???”

In addition to my dinner-time game plan, I started out the day by sticking to my plan by having my Nutrisystem breakfast and lunch entrees, along with a protein shake on the ride to dinner. I didn’t want to arrive hungry so that I would not be tempted by the appetizers. 

For me, it worked. I’m down another .5 pounds. And now, as the holiday parties, events and family get-togethers begin, I feel that I have the tools I need to get through it without compromising all I have worked for.

What strategies do you use during the holidays to stay on track with your diet?

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Tracking My Progress:
Weight Loss this week(+/-): -0.5
Total Weight Loss to date: 7.5
 Goal: 20 lbs / 13.0 to go!

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