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Not long ago, I ditched many of the chemical-based household cleaners that we were using. With infant twins and a three year old, I just became uncomfortable with what was left lingering around the house after cleaning and made the move to more green cleaning ideas. I have tried many different ‘green’ products, but found making my own cleaning solutions to the best and the most cost-effective. When I learned that Heinz now has a cleaning vinegar, specially concentrated to be stronger, I knew it would definitely help with some of those cleaning solutions. The #HeinzVinegar for cleaning is concentrated with a higher acidity and can work harder. 

I found the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar at my local Walmart for a great price. It’s less than $3 for a whole bottle. Adding in other helpful cleaning agents, like baking soda, don’t cost you very much either. If you compare this to how much the chemical cleaners cost, it really is economical. More importantly, it’s safer for your home and family to switch to chemical-free cleaning.

I had been cleaning with vinegar for a while, but still found a lot of great, new ideas for using vinegar to clean from Heinz. Check out their list and you’ll see that most, if not all, of your cleaning can be done safely with vinegar!

 One Way I Use Vinegar to Clean

One of my favorite uses for vinegar is to clean my porcelain sink. Whoever owned the house before us but in a white porcelain kitchen sink and I can’t tell you how scratched it gets over time. The scratches aren’t what shows so much – it’s the stains and food that get caught in the scratches and make the sink look dirty and dingy. 

Simply sprinkle the sink with baking soda directly in the sink and pour the vinegar over the areas you need to tackle. Some people prefer to make a solution, but this method works for me. Scrub gently with a cleaning brush and it looks white and clean.

So much cleaner! No more stains!

I also use vinegar to keep my single cup coffee brewer working better. Every few months, I run a cycle of 48 oz of vinegar through it – followed by two complete cycles of fresh water. It keeps the coffee tasting great and the coffee maker working optimally. 

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  1. love you tip about cleaning the sink…looks so shiny clean!!! thanks for sharing your ideas

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