{For Japan With Love}

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As I watch see the catastrophic images from Japan, I’m consumed by an overwhelming grief for the lives lost and for those who are without food, water or shelter in freezing cold temperatures. I look at my 19 month old son and my mind can’t help but go to the children affected by this disaster.  I think of the parents and cannot imagine the helplessness in trying to keep their little ones safe, fed, warm. And I cannot fathom the unthinkable grief of parents who have lost their children. 

My heart aches for the people of Japan and for those who have lost their lives. 

Joining with other bloggers, Mammamoiselle will go silent 
on Friday, March 18th in a 
Bloggers Day of Silence  
part of  For Japan With Love

Please take a moment to visit and see how you can help out by contributing to the drive to reach a donation goal for Shelter Box.  

Thank you to Ever-Ours
Utterly Engaged  for organizing this. 


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